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864A Scale Control Agent and Hardness Handler

Prevent scale buildup in direct-contact water heaters this winter season.


  • Reduce scale and fouling
  • Extend your production season
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Reduce fuel and cleaning costs


  • Maintenance Free: 864A can be fed directly into your water heater lines from the drum
  • Super Concentrated: Most Redi-Mix concrete operations need just one or two drums a year to keep their equipment working optimally
  • Liquid Product: No mixing required
  • Low-Toxicity: Safe for your employees and harmless to your concrete mix
  • Pulsatron Pump and Service Kit available directly from Seacole

Regular descaling with 864A can keep your equipment running efficiently through the winter.

55 Gallon Drum: $999
Seacole Part Number: A864AXX-055-001

Pulsatron Pump and Service Kit available directly from Seacole.

To order, call 763-582-1140

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