RACK/Stripper 35

RACK/Stripper 35 is a stabilized nitric acid solution designed to effectively strip tin, solder and copper from plating racks. RACK/Stripper 35 can hold in excess of 20 ounces per gallon of metal, does not contain peroxides or persulfates, or fluoborates, and is easily waste treated via simple pH adjust when spent.

Performance Features

  • RACK/Stripper 35 can be operated at room temperature or mildly heated to speed stripping speed.
  • Due to high metal loading, RACK/Stripper 35 is very economical.
  • RACK/Stripper 35 does not contain peroxides, persulfates, or fluoborates and is thus easy to employ and waste treat.


Rack/Stripper 35

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