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At Seacole, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of premier, specialty chemistry products, backed by the industry’s finest customer service and technical expertise. More solutions. Better service. Greater success. That’s what the Seacole advantage can do for you.

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Seacole is a diversified chemical manufacturing and distribution company offering essential products and services to a wide variety of markets worldwide. We deliver exceptional value to our customers by offering a unique mix of technical expertise, attentive customer service, and trouble-free logistics.

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5 Aqueous Detergents For Industrial Cleaning Seacole

5 Aqueous Detergents for Industrial Cleaning

Seacole’s full line of aqueous detergents can be used with pressure washers, foam application equipment, or even the old-school method of a mop and bucket.
Defoamers For Your Industrial Cleaning Tasks Seacole

Defoamers for Your Industrial Cleaning Tasks

Seacole’s defoamers and foam preventatives ensure cleaner parts and easier operation and maintenance of your equipment.
Corrosion Inhibition For Oem Diesel Engines Seacole

Corrosion Inhibition Chemistries for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Cooling Systems

Seacole has a decades-long track record of suppling corrosion inhibition and other industrial cleaning solutions to Class 1 and Short Line Railroad companies.
Effective Detergents For Metal Parts Cleaning Seacole

4 Effective Detergents for Parts Cleaning Processes

Seacole is a leading manufacturer and distributor of effective detergents for parts cleaning. If you are struggling to find a cost-effective solution that effectively removes grease, oil, and other contaminants from your parts, Seacole has a solution for you.

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