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At Seacole, we manufacture and distribute a wide range of premier, specialty chemistry products, backed by the industry’s finest customer service and technical expertise. More solutions. Better service. Greater success. That’s what the Seacole advantage can do for you.

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Seacole is a diversified chemical manufacturing and distribution company offering essential products and services to a wide variety of markets worldwide. We deliver exceptional value to our customers by offering a unique mix of technical expertise, attentive customer service, and trouble-free logistics.

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Avoid Hard Water Scale With 864a Seacole

Use 864A to Prevent Hard Water from Affecting Heat Exchanger and Water Heater Surfaces

Hard water can create scale and fouling of concrete mixer water heater lines. Add Seacole’s 864A Scale Control Agent and Hardness Handler for maintenance-free scale inhibition this winter.
Effective Boat Hull Cleaning Seacole

Faster, More Effective Boat Hull Cleaning for Marinas and Fleets

Super-concentrated Boat Hull Cleaner can safely remove scale, slime, and algae in a single application.
Seacole acquires Phyton Corporation and ST Biologicals

Seacole Specialty Chemical Acquires Phyton and S.T. Biologicals

Seacole Specialty Chemical has completed the acquisition of Phyton corporation and S.T. Biologicals, suppliers to greenhouse growers and crop farmers.
water-based detergents and degreasers_seacole

Water-Based Degreasers and Floor Cleaners (Plus One Solvent-Based Solution)

Seacole offers several water-based cleaners and degreasers for a wide variety of end applications, as well as a solvent-based cleaner for tougher soils.

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