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dupont products for metal finishing

Choose Seacole Product Partner DuPont for Wire Plating and Connector Plating Needs

Did you know Seacole has a long-time partnership with leading…
electroless nickel plating

Support Chemistries for Your Electroless Nickel Plating Operation

Electroless nickel plating can reduce your facility’s water and energy use and cut down on the hazardous waste produced by your plating process.
EZ Spread Ice Melt demo_Seacole

Seacole’s Deicing Products for Icy Weather

Here are a few tips on what to look for when ordering this season’s supply of ice melt.
Avoid Hard Water Scale With 864a Seacole

Use 864A to Prevent Hard Water from Affecting Heat Exchanger and Water Heater Surfaces

Hard water can create scale and fouling of concrete mixer water heater lines. Add Seacole’s 864A Scale Control Agent and Hardness Handler for maintenance-free scale inhibition this winter.
Effective Boat Hull Cleaning Seacole

Faster, More Effective Boat Hull Cleaning for Marinas and Fleets

Super-concentrated Boat Hull Cleaner can safely remove scale, slime, and algae in a single application.
Seacole acquires Phyton Corporation and ST Biologicals

Seacole Specialty Chemical Acquires Phyton and S.T. Biologicals

Seacole Specialty Chemical has completed the acquisition of Phyton corporation and S.T. Biologicals, suppliers to greenhouse growers and crop farmers.
water-based detergents and degreasers_seacole

Water-Based Degreasers and Floor Cleaners (Plus One Solvent-Based Solution)

Seacole offers several water-based cleaners and degreasers for a wide variety of end applications, as well as a solvent-based cleaner for tougher soils.
dupont products for metal finishing

Meet Seacole Product Partner DuPont

DuPont has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance, reliable, and effective chemistries for a wide range of end applications, including metal finishing processes.
detergents for metal cabinets_seacole

Spray Cabinet Detergents for Aluminum and Ferrous Metals

Seacole’s line of cabinet and wash detergents will eliminate the toughest soils and improve parts cleaning quality while improving process efficiency.
Cookie Chemistry

Christmas Cookie Chemistry: A Look Inside the Oven (and Seacole’s Favorite Cookie Recipe)

We’ve decked the halls at Seacole and we’re all settling in for some festive time off at the end of month. The holiday cheer got us thinking: what’s the chemistry behind a good cookie?
Nasf Storage Tank

Surface Finishing Tank Options

Choosing the right tank for each step in the process contributes to the long-term success of your surface finishing operation.
Copper Alloy Cleaning

Simplifying the Copper Alloy Cleaning Process

A simple switch of a mineral acid wash for an organic one can cut down on rinse cycles, improve process safety for workers, and eliminate the need to outsource waste treatment.
solar panels on Seacole roof_Plymouth Minnesota

Solar Array Installation at Seacole in Plymouth, Minnesota

Seacole partnered with iDEAL Energies to install a 186.34kW DC solar array on their headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota.
quality control in contract manufacturing_Seaole_Minneapolis Minnesota

Contract Manufacturing FAQ: Process & Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of any custom blending project. It ensures every batch meets the customer’s designated specifications.
Hazardous Materials Warehousing_Seacole_Minneapolis Minnesota

Hazardous Materials Symbols and Their Meaning in Chemical Distribution

When handling hazardous materials, understanding safety signs is critical. You should be acutely aware of what these signs mean and how to use them.
contract manufacturing customer service_Seacole_Minneapolis_Minnesota

Contract Manufacturing FAQs: Customer Service

Every chemical contract manufacturer has a different process. Seacole’s includes the customer at every step, from product formulation, to distribution.

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