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Corrosion Inhibition Chemistries for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Cooling Systems

Corrosion Inhibition For Oem Diesel Engines Seacole

Seacole has a decades-long track record of supplying corrosion inhibitors and other industrial cleaning solutions to railroad, construction, and mining operations. Our R&D services and technical salespeople help our customers find the right solutions to their cleaning and corrosion challenges.

Corrosion Inhibition for Diesel Engine Cooling Systems

Whether you maintain locomotives, mine haul trucks, or off-road construction equipment, keeping your diesel engines and cooling systems running well requires regular, preventative maintenance. Corrosion in your engine’s cooling system can lead to overheating and severe, expensive damage.

Seacole has developed three solutions for corrosion problems in these cooling systems. Our corrosion inhibitors are available in stick (A810S), powder (A810), and liquid (A850) forms to treat your cooling system, ultimately protecting the engine system from costly repairs and downtime.

Our stick form is the only one of its kind in the industry. It can be dropped into the filler neck of cooling system reservoirs to dissolve in water. It won’t stick to filler necks, and it can be used in either closed-loop or recirculating systems. Each 15-pound box of sticks is sized to treat a 300-gallon cooling system, making it an ideal choice for locomotives. To determine whether the stick, liquid, or powder form is the right fit for your equipment, our technical sales team members will work with you to understand your needs.

Going the Extra Mile

The Seacole team goes the extra mile to make sure the solutions we recommend will work. Recently, a Seacole sales representative was working on a solution for a short-line railroad company whose locomotive cooling systems had a jog in their system’s filler necks. They were interested in the sticks, but the sticks wouldn’t make it through the bend in their equipment.

The company was considering pre-dissolving the sticks in water before adding them to the cooling system, but Seacole’s sales team had a better solution. Instead, they recommended the same product in powdered or liquid form. These products would dissolve much more quickly and cut down on maintenance time. The customer was grateful to have not one but three options for their equipment maintenance.

With Seacole’s corrosion inhibition solutions, you can keep your OEM diesel engines running optimally and avoid costly damage. Whichever form you choose, these products are compatible with all types of diesel engine cooling systems including OEMs: EMD, GE, and Caterpillar.  Our technical sales team is here to help you find the best solution for your engines. Contact the corrosion inhibition experts at Seacole today.