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Markets Served

Surface Finishing

  • Metal Finishing: Comprehensive cleaning, pretreatment, plating, powder-coating, and anodizing chemistries are available for a wide variety of metals.
  • Mass Finishing: A widespread line of deburring, burnishing, descaling, forming, rust inhibiting, and cleaning chemistries for a wide variety of metals and processes.
  • Plating on Plastic (POP): Pretreatment and plating technology available to support the decorative or functional applications of metals onto plastic substrates. Chemicals that support the etching, catalyzing, and conditioning processes that allow the non-metal surfaces to be plated

Printed Circuit Board

  • Every step of this complicated manufacturing process will be supported by solutions manufactured by our company.
  • Variety of developers, etchers, foam controls, resist strippers, equipment cleaners, and more.
  • Laboratory grade chemicals
  • Wash system filters

Industrial Cleaning

  • Variety of aqueous cleaners to remove grease and oils from metal, plastic and ceramic parts.
  • Chemicals for pressure cleaning and cabinet washers
  • These ‘Green Chemistry’ formulations are manufactured with non-hazardous ingredients, consume less energy during use and are easily waste treatable.
  • Designed to be safe for people and the environment without sacrificing performance
Seacole Hex Icon Stbiologicals Agriculture


  • Many producers are interested in improving soil health and increasing yields, which is why Seacole offers ST Biologicals conventional and organic farming chemistries. 
  • Bactericide/fungicides, plant growth nutrients, soil amendments, and one-on-one mentoring are just a few of the solutions we offer livestock and crop producers. 


  • We manufacture a comprehensive line of products for use in the railroad and automotive industries, as well as for the remanufacturing of engines.
  • Our products are used for locomotive, truck, bus, and marine maintenance and shop cleaning.
  • Full line of chemistry for equipment and process parts cleaning, serving rebuilders of engines, transmissions, drive motors, and other mechanical components.


  • The intricate process of semiconductor manufacturing requires a special class of high-purity, low-particulate chemistry at almost every step.
  • We have 3 product lines with chemicals for every step of the process, which includes process chemicals, photoresists, developers, and strippers.
  • Can meet high-quality chemical demand and strict delivery standards to ensure that the fab never shuts down.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Chemicals to help our industrial customers remove unwanted contaminants from their wastewater stream.
  • Treating waste water properly helps improve sanitation while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Specialty Products

  • Defined by our ability to provide unique chemical solutions to our customers, we are constantly developing distinctive formulations for unusual applications.
  • Seacole manufactures everything from leak detectors and clean room floor soaps to release agents for particle board, odor neutralizers and adhesive removers.

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