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Surface Finishing

Few products in everyday life have escaped the process of surface finishing. From metals to plastics, most manufactured items have been enhanced through different methods of finishing. As a result, they hold up longer in today’s harsh environments.

Seacole Specialty Chemical is integral to this effort, providing a line of specialty chemicals to clean, etch, and plate metallic and non-metallic surfaces. These chemical solutions hold corrosion and wear at bay. We represent chemistry companies with complete solutions for your finishing needs. With decades of experience, we offer finishers with the utmost cutting-edge technology.


  • We have the resources and expertise to help you properly maintain your surface finishing, process, chemical recovery, and treatment/control equipment
  • To fully automate your surface finishing lines, Seacole can supply you with a comprehensive range of pumps and filters, ventilation, tanks, flooring, heat exchangers, and more. 

General Plating

  • Innovative products formulated with safety and environmental standards in mind.
  • Full-process cycle products to prepare, plate, and post treat all types of metallic or non-metallic substrates with all types of metals; Ni, Cr, Zn, Cu, Br, Sn, Cd, Ag, Au, Pb, etc.
  • Chemical processes to enhance electrical properties, the bonding of adhesives or organic coatings, and to extend the corrosion protection of the base substrate.

Pre-Paint and Phosphates

  • Use our state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly products to prepare, apply a phosphate or phosphate-free coating, and seal a variety of substrates.
  • Our products deliver excellent paint adhesion and corrosion-resistant results.
  • Our specialty cleaners and activators: iron, zinc, manganese phosphates, microcrystalline non-phosphate coatings, and seals for immersion and spray applications.

Mass Finishing and Rust Prevention

  • Diverse line of deburring, burnishing, descaling, forming, and rust-inhibiting chemistries for a variety of metals and processes.
  • Chemicals for all stage of centrifugal, vibratory, and tumbling methods.
  • Our variety of concentrations and economical formulas provide low-volume usage and greater economy while making waste treatment considerations.


  • Chemistry for all stage of the anodize process, including all types of cleaners, etchers, de-oxidizers, anodize additives and fume suppressants, dyes, seals, and chem film products.
  • We supply products that meet Type I, Type II, and Type III specifications.

Specialty Plating

  • Pretreatment and plating technologies support the functional and decorative applications of metals onto plastic substrates.
  • Diverse product line for wire plating and reel-to-reel industries.

Cleaning Chemistries

  • Builder salts, surfactants, and sequestering agents to clean a variety of substrates.
  • Liquid and powder versions of alkaline and acid cleaners.
  • Aqueous cleaners are excellent for removing scales and oxides with minimal hazardous waste.

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