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Industrial Cleaning

Dirt, soil, and rust all describe the same thing: unwanted contaminants. Seacole Specialty Chemical manufactures a broad line of industrial cleaning compounds and specialty chemical products that remove these contaminants by means such as detergent action, solvent action, chemical reaction, or mechanical action. Our “Green Chemistry” formulations are manufactured with non-hazardous ingredients, consume less energy during use, and are easily waste treatable.

With a legacy of positive change and an unrivaled mastery in chemistry solutions, Seacole pursues perfection through curious minds with exceptional ideas. Seacole pushes past boundaries of innovation by tailoring diverse chemistry solutions to your needs.

Parts Cleaning

  • Aqueous detergents for spray cabinet washers, conveyor washers, ultrasonic washers, in addition to immersion, agi-lift, and manual washers
  • Products engineered to remove synthetic cutting lubricants, oils, carbon deposits, cosmoline protective coatings, tenacious road film, and even printing inks  from all surfaces.
  • Alkaline, detergent, and solvent cleaning compounds that are compatible with ultrasonic devices

Corrosion Inhibition

  • Liquid, inorganic, rust inhibitors designed to protect metal parts during prolonged indoor storage
  • Corrosion inhibitors for in-process, rust protection during process cleaning operations and for short term, indoor storage of steel and iron parts.
  • Products for ferrous and non-ferrous metals that work faster at lower concentrations and do not require parts to be re-cleaned before painting or heat treatment.


  • Highly concentrated, liquid, foam-suppressants designed to quickly eliminate foaming.
  • Allows long spray-wash cycles without foam build-up in both ambient and high temperature environments.
  • Foam control in wash and rinse sections of all aqueous industrial parts washers

Aqueous Wash Detergents

  • Acid and alkaline formulas capable of cleaning everything from hard-surface concrete floors and walls, to industrial equipment and vehicles
  • Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly disinfectants, cleaners, and deodorizers for all surfaces
  • Detergents for pressure washing and steam cleaning


  • Aqueous degreasers for general cleaning that are safe on virtually all surfaces.
  • Mild solvent degreasers containing no harmful glycol ethers, phosphates, HAP’s, or VOC’s.
  • Economical, heavy-duty solvent degreasers formulated for spray or immersion applications
  • Safe and effective on metal parts, automotive engines, and heavy equipment frames, and exteriors.

Descaling and Etching

  • Ferrous and multi-metal safe scale removers to remove rust, oxides, mill, and heat scale.
  • Acid and alkaline metal etching compounds
  • Metal scale removers that minimize the formation of aluminum scale in tanks and on heating elements.

Specialty Chemicals

  • Economical ice-melt formula requiring less usage than salt based ice melt, leaving no white reside behind
  • Water-based release agents designed for use in the particleboard, strand board, and agricultural fiberboard industries
  • Paint strippers developed specifically for removing the most hard-to-strip polymeric and epoxy coatings
  • Odor control: Powerful deodorizers formulated to attack offensive odors (organic and inorganic).

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