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Contract Manufacturing FAQs: Customer Service

Every chemical contract manufacturer has a different process. Seacole’s includes the customer at every step, from product formulation, to distribution.
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The Chemistry Behind Ice Cream

The recent heat wave inspired us to make some old-fashioned ice cream!
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Warehousing and Distribution of Custom-Blended Chemicals

As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors…
SUR/FIN conference in Illinois_Seacole_Minneapols_Minnesota

Looking Ahead to SUR/FIN 2019

The Seacole team looks forward to SUR/FIN 2019, the annual conference for the surface finishing industry.
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Contract Manufacturing FAQs

Formulating and mixing specialty chemicals in-house is cost-prohibitive for many companies.
Industrial Cleaning Challenges_Seacole

Three Solutions to Cold-Weather Industrial Cleaning Challenges

From salt and slush to dust, cold weather presents unique cleaning…
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Cookie Chemistry_Seacole

Christmas Cookie Chemistry and Seacole’s Favorite Cookie Recipe

The Seacole team is looking forward to a festive time off…
Rack Surface Finishing Seacole

3 Rack Design Considerations for Surface Finishing Process Lines

Many industries, including the military, electronics, and…
corrosion prevention_inhibitor_Seacole_Plymouth Minnesota

The Science and Chemistry of Corrosion Prevention for Precision Parts Cleaning

Corrosion is one of the costliest challenges for precision…
Nasf Storage Tank

Selecting the Right Tanks for Your Surface Finishing Process

Tanks are used in nearly every step of the surface finishing…
Certificate Of Conformance_NACD_Seacole_Plymouth Minnesota

Seacole Verified in NACD Responsible Distribution

As an NACD member, Seacole is committed to the guiding principles…
SUR FIN 2018_Seacole_specialty chemicals_surface finishing

Our 5 Favorite SUR/FIN 30-in-30 Tips for Improving Shop Management

The Seacole surface finishing team had a wonderful, learning-filled…
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The Commercial Kitchen Fire Hazard You’re Probably Ignoring (and What to Do About It)

You’ve installed fire extinguishers around your kitchen,…

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