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Contract Manufacturing FAQs: Customer Service

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Every chemical contract manufacturer has a different process. Seacole’s includes the customer at every step, from product formulation, to production, quality control, and distribution. The Seacole team would like to share the following list of questions it often receives from new contract manufacturing customers.

Who Manages My Account?

At Seacole, a single account manager shepherds your project from start to finish.. Your account manager will facilitate the ideation and technical review processes, as well as reviewing all packaging and labeling requirements. The account manager also keeps you informed of the outcome of the Seacole quality control process, and your customer service representative will keep you informed of the progress of your orders.

What Can I Expect during the Account Setup Process?

Seacole customers can expect a thorough account setup process that includes the review of your formulation needs, a signed NDA to ensure your intellectual property stays confidential, and a thorough review of technical and regulatory requirements.

How Is My Team Part of Seacole’s Contract Manufacturing Process?

Your team can be as involved in the process as it wants to be. Some Seacole customers are hands off and only wish to discuss their project during the feedback and approval stage. Others are more involved throughout the process. Seacole can adjust its process to meet the needs of your team.  

Consumers are more empowered and connected than ever, which is why Seacole is committed to deepening customer relationships. Our goal is to earn long-term customer loyalty, so we prioritize each and every service interaction. Our customer service representatives are well-equipped with knowledge of all the industries we serve and can anticipate customer needs by understanding their pain points and most important concerns.

If your company requires a specialty chemical, work with a manufacturer who will treat you as a partner. To learn more about contract manufacturing or to get started on your mid- to large-sized production run, contact the Seacole team today.