National Customer Service Week | Seacole

National Customer Service Week

On October 5th, Seacole employees geared up for the start of National Customer Service Week (NCSW). The theme of this year’s customer service week was Recognizing Everyday Heroes. Throughout the week, employees participated in numerous activities and dress-up days in order to boost morale, motivation, and teamwork. In addition, NCSW helped raise companywide awareness of the importance of customer service and reminds customers of Seacole’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The week was started with a company wide breakfast, followed by neon highlighter day on Tuesday, fake-an-injury day on Wednesday, crazy hair/wig day on Thursday, and concluding with the biggest fanday on Friday. The best-dressedemployee on each day was rewarded with a gift card. NCSW concluded with the third annual Seacole 500 desk chair race. Employees formed teams of three or four and raced around a large table pushing one person on a desk chair, while the person doing the pushing was blindfolded. Overall, NCSW at Seacole was a success!