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711 Trash Can Odor Control

711 is a powerful deodorizer formulated to attack offensive odors, organic or inorganic, that emanate from trash receptacles or dumpsters. 711 is a citrus scented powder capable of reaching into the toughest areas odor originates from. 711’s advanced formula attacks odors in two ways: first by breaking down the inorganic or organic substrate and encapsulating the incontinent particulates and second by overpowering the odor with a powerful citrus fragrance. Adding 711 to your everyday cleaning process ensures your customers and neighbors will never have to smell an unpleasant odor from your business!


Performance Features

  • Effective on both organic and inorganic odor substrates.
  • Highly concentrated with no useless fillers, provides longer usage and greater economy.
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • Biodegradable & non-hazardous.
  • Environmentally green.

711 Trash Can Odor Control