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782 Stainless Steel Polish

Clean Look 782 is a specially formulated stainless steel cleaner and polish engineered to restore industrial kitchen and food plant appliances, counters, and cabinets back to their original shine. Clean Look 782 is a mineral oil based formula that provides a protective polish on all stainless steel combating contaminants such as grease, greasy soil, heavily baked on foodstuff, carbonaceous soil, and any other contaminates associated with cooking. Clean Look 782 provides a professional, sanitary, and ultra-clean sparkle to stainless steel that exceeds all industry cleanliness standards.


Performance Features

  • Combats grease, soil, baked on foodstuff, smudges, and soot from building up.
  • Protects stainless steel.
  • Cleans and restores stainless steel back to its original shine.


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