810 | Seacole


810 is a powdered, multi-metal safe corrosion inhibitor for use in diesel engine cooling systems to protect from premature failure due to corrosion. 810 is a free-flowing powder capable of being added directly into filler necks of cooling water systems. 810 dissolves quickly in warm water and will not freeze in cold weather months. Fifteen pounds is sufficient to treat any common locomotive cooling system (275-350 gallons).


Performance Features

  • Inhibits corrosion of all metals including: 30/70A solder, brass, coper, steel, cast iron, cast aluminum and 85/15 brass (EMD), at levels of 1 pound per 20 gallons. Proprietary blend of nitrite and other organic and inorganic inhibitors protects all the metals found in locomotive cooling systems. Controls scale and deposits.
  • Conforms to the ASTM D1384 specification, the GETS 84A231282 specification dated 04-19-2012, Rev. O (locomotive coolant) and the EMD MI 1748 Section 6.1.1 dated 05-15-2009, Rev. G (locomotive coolant) specification, for corrosion resistance.
  • Conforms to the ASTM D1418 specification, the GETS 84A231282 Table 4, O-rings specification and EMD MI 1748 Section, seals specification, for Elastomer Chemical Resistance testing.
  • Does not contain chromate or zinc metal compounds.
  • Used solutions are normally regarded as non-regulated and biodegradable upon disposal.
  • Contains boron as a tracer element to simplify detection of coolant contamination in engine oil.
  • Can be used with ethylene glycol based antifreezes.