850 | Seacole


850 is a highly concentrated liquid, multi-metal safe corrosion inhibitor for use in engine cooling systems to protect from premature failure due to corrosion. 850 is packaged as a convenient liquid capable of being added directly into filler necks of cooling water systems. 850 dissolves instantly in water and will not freeze in cold weather months.


Performance Features

  • Inhibits corrosion of all metals including: cast iron, steel, copper, brass, solder, and aluminum.
  • Complies with EMD specifications for corrosion inhibition in locomotive cooling systems.
  • Passes ASTM D1384-80.
  • Passes 1748 red brass corrosion test.
  • Does not contain chromate or zinc metal compounds.
  • Used solutions are normally regarded as non-regulated and biodegradable upon disposal.
  • Can be used with ethylene glycol based antifreezes.