ANTI/Foam CR-W | Seacole


ANTI/Foam CR-W is a concentrated aqueous emulsion of unique defoaming and foam preventing materials. This economical silicon based emulsion can be used in a wide variety of waste treatment applications; as its performance is not affected by acidic, basic, or high temperature environments. It disperses extremely well in aqueous applications, performing as an effective wetting agent and surface tension depressant for optimum defoaming performance.


Performance Features

  • CR-W performs equally well in acidic, basic, and high temperature environments.CR-W is a highly concentrated formulation minimizing consumption volume.
  • CR-W is non-corrosive, nonflammable, and safe and easy to employ.
  • CR-W will not interfere with ion exchange, clarification, or batch waste treatment systems.
  • CR-W is ideal for use in continuous flow waste treatment systems.