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Aqua UL Ultrasonic Cleaner

Aqua UL is a highly concentrated, aluminum safe, liquid alkaline detergent engineered specifically for ultrasonic cleaning of the toughest contaminates on all metal and plastic surfaces. Aqua UL produces superior cleaning results on ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Aqua UL is capable of cleaning the smallest cavities, worm tracks or blind holes, found in transmission valve bodies.

Performance Features

  • Removes baked on carbon deposits, mill oils, heavy greases, lubricants, and other soils commonly encountered in manufacturing and maintenance applications.
  • Safe for use on aluminum as well as ferrous metal parts, including stainless steel.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
  • Formulated with an advanced surfactant system that inhibits the redeposition of contaminants.
  • Contains NO silicone based ingredients to interfere with new coatings or paint.
  • Improves sediment testing of cleaned components.
  • Formulated with advanced corrosion inhibitor technology.
  • Excellent rinseability leaving parts clean, bright, and residue free.