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Blanket Wash

Blanket Wash is a premium quality, Non-VOC, biodegradable solution formulated for replacing conventional solvents in tough cleaning applications. Blanket Wash is a heavy-duty cleaner especially effective in cosmoline type protective coatings and tenacious road film. Blanket Wash is also capable of cleaning and degreasing machinery, engines, tractors, concrete, and asphalt. Blanket Wash rinses freely leaving a bright, film-free surface.


Performance Features

  • Especially effective in removing oil, crater compound, cosmoline, grease or asphalt residues on parts, equipment, vehicles or other hard surfaces.
  • Safe on virtually all surfaces including: steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces (non-alkaline).
  • Non-VOC by CARB definition per ASTM D1298.
  • Contains specialty surfactants for superb grease and grime removal.
  • Rinses easily with water.
  • Contains only low toxicity, biodegradable ingredients to protect workers and the environment.


Blanket Wash