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Defoamer O

Defoamer O is a highly concentrated, non-silicone, liquid foam suppressant compatible and formulated for use with all Spraydet detergents when additional foam control is necessary. Defoamer O is specifically designed to quickly eliminate foaming caused by certain equipment types and designs, water quality, types of soils being cleaned and heavy soil loading. Defoamer O provides superior foam control in wash and rinse sections of all aqueous industrial parts washers from heated high-pressure spray cabinet & conveyorized systems to free standing manual and immersion type tanks.

Performance Features

  • Multi-metal and aluminum safe.
  • Allows long spray-wash cycles without the interference from foam build-up.
  • Does NOT hinder or slow down the cleaning process.
  • Highly concentrated and economical formula for low volume usage and low cost.
  • Highly effective at temperatures above 140 degrees F.
  • Effective in oil or detergent laden systems.
  • Excellent rinseability leaving parts clean, bright and residue free.
  • Contains NO silicone based ingredients that interfere with new coatings or paint.
  • Compatible with automatic replenishment systems.
  • Biodegradable – non-hazardous.
  • Contains no harmful VOC’s or HAP’s.
  • Eliminates fish-eye problems and will not adversely interfere with paint adhesion.

Defoamer O TDS