PA Liquid Deicer | Seacole

PA Liquid Deicer

Seacole PA Liquid Deicer is an easy to apply, ready to use, environmentally safe liquid deicer. Seacole PA Liquid Deicer contains corrosion inhibitors, is active at temperatures below 40 degrees F and works longer, requiring fewer applications than other deicing products. Seacole PA Liquid Deicer is less slippery than glycol-based products and biodegrades at low temperatures and does NOT contain urea. Use Seacole PA Liquid Deicer prior to snowfall or icy conditions for maximum performance.


Performance Features

  • Is safe for the environment.
  • Has staying power – works longer, requiring fewer applications.
  • Is easy to apply.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors.
  • Is active at low temperatures (-40 degrees F and below).
  • Is less slippery than glycol-based products.
  • Can be used prior to snowfall to reduce accumulation


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