PC-450CSG | Seacole


PC-450CSG is a carbonate based, liquid developer concentrate for developing fully or semi aqueous dry films and/or liquid photo imagable solder masks. PC-450CSG contains a chemical stabilizer, and hard water inhibitor. Unlike conventional hard water inhibitors, the inhibitor in PC-450CSG will not complex or chelate heavy metals, reducing waste treatment concerns. Additionally, the inhibitor will reduce dulling of fused solder in LPISM developing processes.

This economical concentrate can also be employed in manual or automated replenishment systems. When used in combination with Seacole’s PC-AUTO/Controller and Dosing Device, the PC-Series Developer Concentrates have been proven to increase bath life by 20% over conventional developers. The PC-AUTO/Controller will automatically make additions of developer concentrate and water, maintaining the pH at +/-0.02 pH units and the carbonate concentration at +/-0.03% by weight, resulting in predictable developing quality without adjusting the conveyor speed.


Performance Features

  • PC-450CSG is formulated with a unique hard water scale inhibitor which will not dull fused solder during LPI solder mask processing.
  • PC-450CSG is compatible with virtually all type of aqueous and semi aqueous dry films and LPI solder masks.
  • PC-450CSG is stabilized, improving process consistency and improving bath life up to 20%.