PC-45S and PC-45R TWO-PART DEVELOPER | Seacole


PC-45 DEVELOPER is a carbonate based, two-part liquid developer concentrate for developing fully aqueous dry films. PC-45S Starter is a buffered potassium carbonate based solution, incorporating hard water scale inhibitors, rinse aids, and equipment cleaners. PC-45S is formulated to exhibit a pH of 10.8-11.0 upon make-up, at a total carbonate concentration of 1.0% by weight (10/gL). A pH upon make-up of 10.8-11.0 minimizes the potential for overdeveloping when preparing new developing baths. Additionally, PC-45S incorporates the same additive package as PC-450C, assuring optimum developer performance even when water quality is marginal.

PC-45R Replenisher is employed to replenish working developing baths in combination with automated feed/bleed replenishment systems. PC-45R chemically regenerates bicarbonate into usable (available) carbonate, significantly reducing the volume of fresh carbonate required to maintain the pH. When used in combination with Seacole’s PC-AUTO/Controller, the PC-Series Developer baths may be operated for 4-20 weeks continuously without requiring fresh bath make-up (depending upon throughput). The PC-AUTO/Controller will automatically make accurate, proportional additions of PC-45R and water, maintaining the pH at +/-0.02 pH units and the carbonate concentration at +/-0.03% by weight, resulting in predictable developing quality without adjusting the conveyor speed.

Performance Features

  • PC-45S and PC-45R are designed to maintain consistent control of developing pH at make-up and during replenishment.
  • PC-45S and PC-45R are formulated with a unique hard water scale inhibitors that minimize hard water accumulation in conveyorized spray process equipment (including post rinse chambers) and its potential formation and/or redeposition onto panels.
  • PC-45S and PC-45R contain rinse aids to inhibit the coagulation of dissolved photopolymer and antifoam.
  • PC-45S and PC-45R are compatible with virtually all type of aqueous dry films and LPI solder masks.
  • PC-45R is stabilized, improving process consistency and reducing replenishment volume by as much as 40%.