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Spraydet EV

Spraydet EL is a highly concentrated, multi-metal safe, alkaline liquid detergent engineered to produce superior cleaning results for aqueous process parts cleaning. Spraydet EL leaves little to no residue, formulated without HAP’s or VOC’s, and is aerospace qualified. Spraydet EL performs in all solvent-free, aqueous industrial parts washers from heated high-pressure spray cabinet, conveyorized systems, and immersion type tanks.


Performance Features

  • Quickly removes grease, oils, carbonaceous soils, and other soils commonly found in manufacturing and maintenance applications..
  • Will NOT attack electrical insulation and varnishes.
  • Formulated with advanced anti-foam & corrosion inhibitor technology.
  • Excellent rinseability leaving parts clean, bright and residue free.
  • Contains NO silicone based ingredients that interfere with new coatings or paint.
  • Specially formulated to maintain effectiveness when used with hard water.
  • Will NOT darken or turn aluminum black.
  • Aerospace qualified – conforms to Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD #1, and AMS 1526B
  • Contains NO glycol ethers, HAP’s, VOC’s, and is biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Spraydet EV TDS