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Spraydet Turbo Charge

Spraydet Turbo Charge is a premium quality, Non-VOC, liquid power booster that is engineered to be used as an additive with all Spray-Det detergents when additional carbon removal is necessary. Spraydet Turbo Charge is specifically designed to quickly and effectively attack baked on carbon, oil, grease and all other contaminants that fall above and beyond normal cleaning thresholds. Spraydet Turbo Charge can be directly added into the wash sump or immersion tank for all aqueous industrial parts washers; from heated high-pressure spray cabinet & conveyorized systems to free standing manual and immersion type tanks.

Performance Features

  • Contains a specialty surfactant package to remove baked on carbon deposits, mill oils, heavy greases, lubricants, and other tenacious soils.
  • Will NOT attack the base metal of parts preserving parts dimensions.
  • Excellent rinseability leaving parts clean, bright and residue free.
  • Non-VOC by CARB definition per ASTM D1298.
  • Contains only low toxicity, biodegradable ingredients to protect workers and the environment.

Spraydet Turbo Charge TDS