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Total B

Total B is an aluminum safe, high pH, multipurpose degreaser and detergent engineered to attack grease, grime, soil or any other unwanted contaminants associated with cleaning. Total B is a heavy duty, super concentrated, non-butyl formula capable of cleaning and degreasing everything from hard-surface concrete shop floors and walls, to industrial equipment and machinery, to company vehicles. Total B is Seacole’s most powerful multi-metal safe water based detergent that can be used anywhere water is tolerable.


Performance Features

  • Biodegradable and environmentally green.
  • Contains NO harmful glycol ethers, phosphates, HAP’s, or VOC’s.
  • Will not attack paint or rubber seals.
  • Multi-metal safe/use anywhere water is tolerable.
  • Super concentrated formula for low volume usage and low cost.


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