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The 5 Scariest Industrial Cleaning Mistakes Manufacturers Make

5 Scary Industrial Cleaning Mistakes_Seacole

With decades of experience helping manufacturers find solutions to their industrial cleaning challenges, the Seacole team has seen it all. Just in time for Halloween, here are the five scariest industrial cleaning mistakes we see manufacturers make.

  1. Leaving spills on the floor.

Not cleaning up spills right away is a common mistake we see manufacturers make. It’s tempting to let a spill sit while you finish up production for the shift or the day. But spills can be hazardous for your team and your facility. Slip and fall accidents are huge liabilities for manufacturers. Slipping on spilled oil, paint, or lubricant can put an employee out of work for weeks. Instead of being productive on your assembly line, they’re healing at home.

If not resolved quickly, spills of certain chemicals can be hazardous to your facility and the environment. If your process requires flammable, corrosive, or other hazardous chemicals, leaving these materials on the floor can cause damage to your equipment, affect air quality, or even cause a serious environmental accident.

  1. Not drafting a disaster/emergency plan.

Speaking of environmental accidents, we’ve discovered many manufacturers fail to properly plan for a disaster or other emergency. What are the risks your facility and team face in the event of a fire, explosion, flooding, or structural damage? These incidents can expose flammable and other hazardous chemicals, causing a chain reaction. Is your team prepared to respond to such an event? A disaster/emergency plan helps your team spring into action and mitigates risk.

  1. Improperly storing industrial cleaners.

The storage requirements for your industrial cleaners varies from product to product. Some can tolerate extreme temperatures; others cannot. Some chemicals shouldn’t be stored near each other because combining them could cause an adverse chemical reaction. Is your storage room neat and organized? Are your various products and their storage and usage requirements documented? If not, we encourage you to invest some time into properly storing your industrial cleaners.

  1. Not training your staff.

Not training your staff on the safe and effective use of your industrial cleaning chemicals is very risky. Without training in the safe and proper use and storage of chemicals, your team is more likely to hurt themselves, their coworkers, and even your equipment. If you’re having trouble finding the time to properly train your staff, the Seacole experts can help.

  1. Investing in unneeded, expensive new equipment.

Sometimes, we discover a manufacturer has invested in expensive equipment to solve an industrial cleaning challenge. Often, there’s a chemical solution that costs a fraction of what they spent on new sprayers, tanks, and other equipment. If you’re considering investing in new equipment to solve a cleaning challenge, call Seacole first. Chances are that we can source or formulate a chemical solution that’s highly effective and affordable.

Are you making any of these industrial cleaning mistakes? Contact the Seacole team today for help.