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7 Applications for Custom-Blended Industrial Cleaners

Industrial CleanersParts cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, degreasers, detergents, and descalers—Seacole Specialty Chemical can formulate an industrial cleaner for your industrial process. Our custom liquid blending capabilities help you eliminate contaminants without damaging your products. Here are seven different applications for our custom-blended industrial cleaners. Which one might be just what your industrial process needs?

  1. Parts Cleaning

Gummed up parts on your assembly line or on your heavy equipment slows down production and can lead to down time and extra costs. Seacole can blend a parts cleaner formulated specifically for your process. We blend products that cut through oils and lubricants, printing inks, and protective coatings as well as detergents that are compatible with a variety of washer types, including ultrasonic washers.

  1. Corrosion Inhibition

Moisture can wreak havoc on metal parts during cleaning, storing, and shipping, causing costly damage and delays. We can blend a corrosion inhibitor to treat your products with rust protection before processing, cleaning, and storage. Our custom formulations are safe for ferrous and nonferrous metals and can be painted and heated as needed.

  1. Defoamers

Cleaning your equipment already slows down your industrial process, and foam buildup from your detergent can lead to even longer delays. A custom-blended degreaser reduces or eliminates foam in industrial parts washers. We can formulate a product for you that is ideal for long spray-wash cycles or high temperatures.

  1. Detergents

When conventional, off-the-shelf detergents just aren’t strong enough to remove the dirt from your heavy equipment, facility, or fleet, it’s time to blend a custom detergent. Seacole can create an acidic or alkaline formula to fit your needs, including pressure washing and steam cleaning applications. Many of our detergents can be blended to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable to make cleanup hassle-free and safe.

  1. Descaling and Etching Cleaners

Many industrial processes create scale, rust, oxides, and mill that can be difficult to remove. Descaling and etching cleaners can strip the scale away without harming your product. Seacole can blend descalers that are safe for ferrous and other metals, even when applied multiple times. We can custom blend an acidic or alkaline formulation just for you.

  1. Degreasers

Oils and lubricants leave a tough-to-clean grime on your heavy equipment and vehicle fleet. Seacole can blend a variety of degreasers to meet your needs, from heavy-duty degreasers for spray or immersion to mild detergents that work hard but are safe for the environment and multiple surfaces.

  1. Your Custom Cleaner

When you can’t find what you need in your other supplier’s catalog, it’s time to call Seacole Specialty Chemical. Our custom liquid blending experts can formulate a special product just for you, from release agents for particleboard to paint stripper for polymeric and epoxy coatings. Contact Seacole today to discover how we can liquid blend a custom industrial cleaner to serve you better.