Our Commitment to Responsible Distribution (and What That Means for You) | Seacole

Our Commitment to Responsible Distribution (and What That Means for You)

Seacole Responsible DistributionSeacole is a proud member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). As a supplier of specialty chemicals, we’re your connection to the nation’s top chemical distributors. We take our position in the supply chain very seriously, from the health and safety of your employees and ours to the safe transportation, use, and disposal of the products we offer.

Our NACD membership requires Seacole to adhere to a strict code of standards collectively known as Responsible Distribution. It touches every aspect of what we do, from handling, storing, and delivery to your facility and training for you and your team on how to safely use our products.

Responsible Distribution: Our Commitment to You

The NACD Responsible Distribution program is a set of 13 environmental, health, safety, and security standards. The standards are mandatory for all members, including Seacole. While we already adhere to our own commitment to environmentally responsible chemistry, adhering to NACD allow us to learn and implement best practices across all aspects of our business.

A third party verifies that we are compliant with the Responsible Distribution standards. Since 1991, NACD members have gone through five three-year cycles of verification. The sixth cycle started in January 2017 and will be complete in December 2019. The cycle will focus on change management, risk mitigation, sustainability, and security.

Responsible Distribution: Engaged Experts

The NACD requires everyone at Seacole—from delivery drivers to senior management—to attend periodic training on how to implement industry best practices, from rigorous records control to safe chemical handling and transportation. It makes us especially qualified to recommend products that will be effective and safe for you and your employees.

Responsible Distribution: Safe and Sustainable Processes

From developing records control procedures to implementing safe, secure, and sustainable handling, storage, transportation, and disposal processes, Seacole is committed to handling your data and your orders with the utmost seriousness and care. In its most recent survey, the NACD found its members reported half the occupational injuries of non-member manufacturers, a track record we’re proud to be a part of.

Responsible Distribution: Rigorous Training

The Responsible Distribution program requires us to pass our product, health, and safety knowledge down to you and your team. We’ll help train your staff in the safe and effective use and storage of the products we provide to you. We even help you understand how to manage your products in the event of a flood, fire, tornado, or other disaster to minimize damage and get you back up and running faster.

We take our commitment to the Responsible Distribution program very seriously. To learn more about how our NACD membership helps us better serve you and your team, contact Seacole today.