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Contract Manufacturing FAQ: Process & Quality Control

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Quality control is an integral part of any custom blending project. It ensures every batch meets the customer’s designated specifications and Seacole’s own high standards for quality.

What Types of Quality Control Testing Does Seacole Perform?

Seacole operates a full quality control laboratory that is ISO certified with a complement of technologies that ensure every formulation adheres to the customer’s high standards. Some of these technologies include an atomic absorption spectrometer, gas chromatograph, autotitrator, viscometer, closed-cup flash point tester, turbidimeter, comparator, pH meter and powder moisture content analyzer. Together, these tools give the Seacole team a thorough analysis of the quality of every batch produced.  

How Does Seacole Comply with Regulations?

Custom blended chemistries may have to meet a variety of regulations, depending on the industry served. The Seacole production and quality control teams are experts in the regulations governing the chemistries they work with, from safe manufacturing to compliant packaging and responsible distribution.

The Seacole custom contract manufacturing process includes a technical and regulatory review stage to ensure deep understanding of the rules and requirements that govern a customer’s project. Every customer approves this review before Seacole moves forward with production.

What Are Seacole’s Standards for Quality?

The Seacole quality control team tests every lot of a customer’s order. The team keeps records and samples for up to five years.

As a company, Seacole is committed to responsible chemical distribution and safe manufacturing processes. The company is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and hold a Certificate of Conformation to their Responsible Distribution guidelines. Seacole is also ISO 9001:2015 certified, which ensures the company’s work processes reduce errors and improve customer service.

To learn more about Seacole quality control for custom blended products or get started on a new custom formulation, contact Seacole today