Get Ready, Cleveland! Seacole is Coming to SUR/FIN in June! | Seacole

Get Ready, Cleveland! Seacole is Coming to SUR/FIN in June!

Source: NASF

The Seacole surface finishing team is looking forward to three days of training, education, and networking at the annual SUR/FIN Conference June 4 to 6! The National Association of Surface Finishers hosts the conference every year so industry leaders can collaborate, connect, and contribute.

Where Surface Finishing Experts Connect

Surface finishing technology affects nearly every product we encounter through the day, from smartphones to parts for heavy equipment. The conference will present the latest technologies for electronics, aerospace and defense, energy, automobiles, medical, agricultural, and many other industries. Surface finishing enhances the safety, productivity, and quality of all sorts of products. SUR/FIN is Seacole’s chance to catch up with industry partners, suppliers, and customers.

What’s on Deck for SUR/FIN 2018

While we’re at the conference, we’ll meet more than 180 suppliers and take advantage of several of the more than 80 technical sessions. The Seacole team is especially looking forward to sessions on surface finishing waste management and surface finishing in the automotive sector. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t also looking forward to the Industry Night social on June 5 at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland!

We’re looking forward to learning a lot at SUR/FIN 2018 and passing that knowledge and expertise onto our customers. The Seacole surface finishing team enjoys helping our customers improve the quality and efficiency of their surface finishing processes. For advice on choosing the right surface finishing solutions for your application, contact the Seacole team today.