APEX EXPO 2019_Seacole_printed circuit board

Source: IPC

Seacole is kicking off the year with a week of education and networking at the IPC APEX EXPO. This event is the premier trade show in the printed circuit board industry. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with customers and suppliers and learn about the changes coming to the electronics industry in 2019. Here are a few of the events our experts are looking forward to at APEX EXPO 2019, January 26 through 31, in San Diego, California.

Keynote Session with Tesla’s JB Straubel

Straubel is the Chief Technical Officer of Tesla, Inc., the manufacturer of Tesla electric vehicles. Straubel’s keynote talk will describe how Tesla embraced innovation within every element of its operations rather than relegate it to R&D, as companies often do. Using this example, Straubel will share strategies for engineering operations to create products that meet customers’ present and future needs.

Technical Conference Sessions

The thirty three technical conference sessions at the APEX EXPO will go in depth into emerging industry technologies. These sessions cover everything from assembly, testing, and inspection of printed circuit board surface finishing, including coating, plating, and adhesives.

Buzz Sessions on the Future of the Industry

Between technical conference sessions, there will be several breakouts on the future of the printed circuit board industry. From next-generation solder materials to the performance of lead-free materials in military and other high-reliability applications, the APEX EXPO buzz sessions will be fast paced and exciting.

The IPC World Hand Soldering Championship

The APEX EXPO is not just education and networking. This year, attendees from around the world will compete in the inaugural World Hand Soldering and Rework Championship. In just 90 minutes, competitors will remove six components from a soldered assembly, remove the old solder, clean the area, and then place and solder eighty-two new components. The first-place finishers of the three rounds will each win $1,000.

The Seacole team hopes to see you at APEX EXPO 2019 January 26 through 31 in San Diego, California. For more information on this event or how Seacole can support your printed circuit board manufacturing operation, contact Seacole today.