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Three Solutions to Cold-Weather Industrial Cleaning Challenges

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From salt and slush to dust, cold weather presents unique cleaning difficulties. Here are three common industrial cleaning challenges companies face in winter and how Seacole can help clean them up.

Challenge: Dangerous Shop Floors | Solution: Spraydet EL

Staff and guests track ice, snow, and salt into your facility. Leaving slush and salt on the floors can create a slip-and-fall hazard and damage flooring. Using regular detergent to clean floors leaves behind a residue that makes floors even slicker.

Seacole’s Spraydet EL is a low-residue liquid soap. Though many customers use it for precision parts cleaning, its specialized formula is excellent for winter floor maintenance. Spraydet EL eliminates slush and salt without leaving behind any residue. Use with Seacole’s Defoamer O in an electric floor scrubber to ensure no suds are left behind.

Challenge: Dusty Shipping and Receiving Docks | Solution: Total

Dock doors often stay shut during frigid temperatures. Dust, grime, vaporized cutting oils, and metal grinding dust cannot escape and instead settle over dock surfaces. By the end of winter, dock floors, walls, ceilings, and equipment are covered in grime and dust.

Total is a liquid cleaner that can be diluted (or used concentrated) to remove dust and grime from any surface. It is ideal for pressure washers, hand mopping, and as a surface cleaner spray.

Challenge: Industrial Hard Surfaces | Solution: Break

Heavy-duty equipment needs a powerful degreaser to keep it in good working order. Our Break degreaser is formulated to cut through and remove grease, oil, and grime from industrial parts and equipment. It’s powerful enough to pre-treat components before cleaning them in a cabinet washer. Break is also gentle enough to use as a degreasing spray on shop desks, lunch room cabinets, switch plates, and phones.

Got dirt? Seacole has every product you need to keep your shop clean, productive, and safer this winter. Contact the Seacole team today.