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585 Water Displacing Rust Inhibitor

585 is a petroleum based liquid rust inhibitor designed to protect metal parts during prolonged indoor storage after manufacturing or machining. 585 provides a transparent rust preventative film for easy visual inspection of identifying marks.

Performance Features

  • Forms a thin, soft protective film that will not run, wick, or crack when dry.
  • Provides up to one year or more of indoor rust protection.
  • Passes a 40 day corrosion test in a standard 100 degree F – 100% humidity cabinet.
  • Neutralizes fingerprints to prevent fingerprint corrosion.
  • Transparent film does not interfere with visual inspection of parts or reading of identifying marks.
  • Easily applied by dip, brush, low pressure spray or wiping.
  • Can be diluted with mineral spirits if a lighter film is needed.
  • Can be removed easily with solvents or hot alkaline cleaning compounds


585 Water Displacing Rust Inhibitor