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Acid Etch AL200

Acid Etch AL200 is formulated for use in the pretreatment cycle of aluminum alloys. It’s an excellent mild etch for aluminum and aluminum alloys prior to electroless nickel, anodizing, welding or applying chemical conversion coatings. It is very uniform, controlled etching action produces a brighter, cleaner surface and has minimal effect on the dimensions of the work. Acid Etch AL200, with its excellent deep-recess penetration and its long life, cleans hard to get at places and holds soil in suspension in the bath at high capacities, which reduces or virtually eliminates smut formation on the work.

Acid Etch AL200 is especially effective on difficult to plate alloys, particularly those rich in magnesium. It is ideal for high finish aluminum surfaces because it does not appreciably change the appearance of polished aluminum.

Performance Features

  • Uniform etching action produces fewer rejects and increased productivity.
  • Effective for pretreating parts where close tolerance is a factor.
  • Provides for maximum adhesion and complete plate coverage.
  • Minimizes or eliminates smut formation on the work.
  • Less dumping for economical operation.
  • Contains no chelates and is non-fuming at room temperature.
  • Minimizes problems associated with waste treatment.

Acid Etch AL200