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ACTI/Plate DM-60A

ACTI/Plate DM-60 Stabilizer (DM-60) was designed to increase the conductivity of dielectric substrates previously treated with DM-50, and improve the stability of the colloidal deposit during photo processes encountered prior to copper plating. DM-60 produces a uniform immersion copper layer upon the previously absorbed palladium catalyst, thereby stabilizing the conductivity site. ACTI/Plate DM-60 assures a dense, highly conductive and stable deposit on both glass and epoxy surfaces; including dysfunctional, multifunctional, polyimide, and Teflon substrates.

Performance Features

  • ACTI/Plate DM-60 effectively stabilizes the absorbed catalyst during post processing procedures prior to copper electroplating.
  • ACTI/Plate DM-60 is supplied as an economical two-part concentrate.
  • ACTI/Plate DM-60 enhances formation of a dense, conductive, and stable colloidal deposit in a single pass; allowing for photo processing without copper flash plating.


ACTI-Plate DM-60A