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ANTI/Foam CR-99

ANTI/Foam CR-99 is a non-silicon, non-solvent based anti-foam designed to be used in conveyorized spray equipment when developing and stripping aqueous processable dry film and LPISM. ANTI/Foam CR-99 is especially effective with high pressure/high solution throughput equipment and was formulated to rinse completely without leaving residue on printed circuit board surfaces or processing equipment. Additionally, CR-99 is readily pumpable for easy automated addition to process sumps utilizing bellows, air diaphragm, or peristaltic pumps.


Performance Features

  • CR-99 does not contain silica, fumed silica, or silicone.
  • CR-99 can be employed in both developing and resist stripping applications.
  • CR-99 is extremely free-rinsing, virtually eliminating residue on process equipment.
  • CR-99 exhibits a viscosity lower than water for easy and accurate automated additions with most types of pumping systems.


ANTI/Foam CR-99