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Asphalt Remover (Citrus Degreaser)

Asphalt Remover is a heavy-duty, citrus based asphalt remover for spray or immersion applications in industrial maintenance shops. Asphalt Remover is powerful enough to handle the most difficult cleaning applications without compromising the safety of workers or the environment. It is safe and effective for cleaning metal parts, automotive engines, painted surfaces, heavy equipment, machinery, truck engines & frames, and most other cleaning applications where a water rinsed, biodegradable product is desirable.


Performance Features

  • Harnesses the natural cleaning power of citrus oils.
  • Removes asphalt, grease, oil, ink, sludge, dirt, and soot.
  • Will not affect most paints, decals, or electrical insulations in normal use.
  • Rinses freely,
  • Fresh citrus scent.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally green.


Asphalt Remover (Citrus Degreaser)