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Asphalt Remover Plus (Supersolv T)

Asphalt Remover Plus is a heavy-duty solvent emulsion cleaner especially formulated to remove tar and asphalt from heavy equipment, locomotives, autos, busses, trucks, and RV’s. Asphalt Remover Plus can be applied by dip, brush, or spray.


Performance Features

  • Solubilizes tar, asphalt, and bituminous deposits to be quickly and easily removed by water rinse.
  • Safe for use on cars, trucks, heavy equipment, buildings, and concrete surfaces.
  • Significantly saves cleaning time over scraping and chipping methods.
  • Safe to use on all metals and on most painted surfaces.
  • Has a milder odor than many competing rinsable solvents.


Asphalt Remover Plus (Supersolv T)