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Bill’s Bug Blaster

Bills’ Bug Blaster’s enhanced bug cutting formula is often effective without scrubbing – just spray and wipe clean. Bill’s Bug Blaster removes bug residue, normal dust and dirt, most greases and oils, and most exhaust staining. It is harmless to enamel surfaces, polyurethane, clear coat paints, and polished aluminum. Bill’s Bug Blaster can be used in auto, bus, truck, RV, and marine applications.


Performance Features

  • Softens and dissolves dead insect residue from hard surfaces.
  • Is specially designed to clean transportation vehicle exterior surfaces, including polished aluminum, Plexiglas or acrylic windshields, clear coat, or polyurethane paints.
  • Has a safe, water-based formula that contains no phosphates or petroleum distillates.
  • Dries quickly without residue.


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