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AUTO/Prep DS-2

AUTO/Prep DS-2 is the second step in the AUTO/Prep Desmear-Etchback Process and is designed to remove resin smear and expose interconnects, while at the same time optimizing the surface topography of the dielectric for eventual electroless copper deposition. AUTO/Prep DS-2 removes the softened dielectric (resulting from AUTO/Prep hole swell treatment) and drill debris by selective oxidation, thus enhancing the uniformity and topography of the hole wall. AUTO/Prep DS-2 features process flexibility (applicable for a variety of resin systems), long solution life (when electrolytically or chemically regenerated), and ease of operation.

Performance Features

  • AUTO/Prep DS-2 is potassium permanganate-based to reduce the cost for desmear applications.
  • AUTO/Prep DS-2 can be used to desmear a variety of resin systems including FR-4 and polyimide.
  • AUTO/Prep DS-2 is easy to control, yielding consistent etch rates and reproducible results.
  • AUTO/Prep DS-2 can be chemically or electrically regenerated, improving bath life and enhancing etch rate control.
  • AUTO/Prep DS-2 in conjunction with AUTO/Prep HS Series increases hole wall topography promoting improved electroless copper coverage and adhesion.


AUTO/Prep DS-2