Cu/ETCH ME-35 | Seacole


Cu/ETCH ME-35 (ME-35) is a single component liquid, designed to provide optimum micro-roughening and cleaning of copper surfaces prior to photopolymer lamination, oxide, HASL, most final finish systems (including E-TIN 34 Solderable Immersion Tin), and electroless copper, direct metallization and/or copper electroplating processes. This stabilized formulation produces a uniformly clean and micro-roughened copper surface; promoting excellent post direct metallization dry film to copper adhesion and copper-to-copper adhesion prior to copper electroplating, without attacking palladium catalyst deposits in through holes and/or via. The product also produces an ideal copper surface improving uniform oxide formation and/or immersion/electroless deposition of tin over copper. ME-35 can be operated in spray or immersion applications, offers a wide operating window, is easy to make-up and maintain, and yields a consistently uniform micro-roughened copper surface. Additionally, ME-35 does not contain ammonium or chromate compounds, chlorides, fluorides, or nitrates, simplifying waste treatment.


Performance Features

  • ME-35 was specifically designed to provide superior etch characteristics without undermining direct metallization films.
  • ME-35 is a single component liquid suitable for feed/bleed operation.
  • ME-35 can be operated within a wide range of temperatures and concentrations, assuring optimum copper micro roughening for most applications including HASL, alternative final finishes, oxide systems, and photopolymer lamination.
  • ME-35 will produce a uniform matte copper surface at etch rates as low as 20 micro-inches per minute.
  • ME-35 is suitable for use in spray or immersion applications.
  • ME-35 does not contain ammonium or chromate compounds, chlorides, fluorides, or nitrates, improving safety and reducing environmental impact.