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Dow Neutra-Clean 68

Neutra-Clean 68 Soak Cleaner is a neutral pH soak cleaner used to clean nonferrous metal surfaces prior to plating operations and photoresist applications. Neutra-Clean 68 Soak Cleaner is extremely effective in removing organic soils, including hard-to-remove silicone-based hand lotion creams and buffing compounds. Neutra-Clean 68 Soak Cleaner is particularly suited to the following special applications.

Metal Finishing

The neutral pH prevents attack of aluminum, magnesium, or zinc.

Immersion Tin Plating

Neutra-Clean 68 Soak Cleaner eliminates the need to dry copper surfaces prior to Tinposit LT-26 and LT-27 immersion tin plating.

Chemical Machining

Neutra-Clean 68 Soak Cleaning is an efficient cleaner at room temperature, making it easier to prepare metal plates prior to coating with Photoposit Positive Photoresists.

Product Features

  • Effective removal of organic soils
  • Flexibility of operation
  • High yield
  • Ease of operation

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