Dow Solderon BHT-350 Bright Tin

Solderon BHT-350 Bright Tin is a high speed, sulphonate-based tin electroplating product formulated for continuous electroplating of wire and connector strip in reel-to-reel machines. The Solderon BHT-350 Bright Tin electrolyte is free of volatile aldehydes and may be operated at temperatures up to 50å¡C.

The Solderon BHT-350 Bright Tin electrolyte provides bright deposits over a wide current density range. Its propriety formulation controls both grain size and carbon content in deposits which results in a very ductile bright deposit. Solderon BHT-350 Bright Tin products do not contain methanol ensuring a more environmentally friendly electrolyte compared to other conventional bright tin processes. Analytical procedures are available for all bath components.

Product Features

  • High operating temperature enabling high plating rates and reducing volume increases
  • Excellent brightness and solderability over a broad current density range
  • Low carbon content in the deposit
  • High ductility of the deposit
  • Low foaming electrolyte
  • Consistent and stable surface morphology

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