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ENVIRO/Bright SC-2

ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 is a concentrated, acidic cleaner used to clean and deoxidize unfused tin-lead surfaces prior to hot oil fusing. ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 is designed to remove metallic oxides, light oils and organic contaminants; while at the same time neutralizing alkaline etch residues. Unlike conventional solder conditioners, ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 can withstand significant copper contamination prior to losing its effectiveness. The product is suitable for either spray or immersion applications, and is ideally suited for feed and bleed applications.

Performance Features

  • ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 is specifically formulated to remove fingerprints, light oils, alkaline etch residue and metallic oxides from unfused tin-lead surfaces.
  • ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 offers a wide process latitude and is ideally suited for feed and bleed operation.
  • ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 is a concentrate employed at 10-40% by volume, and can be replenished on a fed/bleed basis.
  • ENVIRO/Bright SC-2 tolerates copper concentrations exceeding 800 mg/l improving performance and minimizing dump frequency.


ENVIRO/Bright SC-2