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ENVIRO/Etch Replenisher

ENVIRO/Etch (ENVIRO/Etch) is a stabilized formulation designed to provide optimum micro-roughening and cleaning of copper surfaces prior to dry film lamination, oxide treatment, electroless copper deposition, and final finishing processes. ENVIRO/Etch leaves a uniformly clean and micro-roughened copper surface, promoting improved dry film to copper adhesion, copper to copper adhesion, and HAL solder to copper adhesion.

ENVIRO/Etch can be operated in spray or immersion applications, offers a wide operating window, is easy to make-up and maintain, and yields a consistently uniform micro-roughened copper surface. ENVIRO/Etch is capable (based upon concentrations at make-up) of etching copper at rates from 10-800 micro-inches per minute, making it versatile enough to be operated as a continuous spray final etch.

Performance Features

  • ENVIRO/Etch exhibits stable, predictable etch rates over a wide range of copper concentrations; making it ideal for many different applications including:
  • Pre-lamination cleaning
  • Enhancing topography prior to oxide
  • Promoting Optimum HAL coverage
  • Promoting copper to copper adhesion
  • Promoting copper to alternative finish adhesion
  • ENVIRO/Etch can be continuously operated employing a chiller to precipitate cupric sulfate, minimizing waste treatment costs.


ENVIRO/Etch Replenisher