ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 | Seacole


ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 (HOF-5) is a soldering flux designed to clean water insoluble inorganic residue, organic residue and metal oxides from tin-lead deposits prior to hot oil fusing; thereby assuring optimum appearance and leveling of the fused deposit. Additionally, HOF-5 will clean, activate, and adhere to copper sidewalls improving solder wetting of the sidewall.

HOF-5 is a water free formulation, thereby minimizing spattering during the fusing process.

Performance Features

  • ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 is effective at cleaning oxides from electroplated tin-lead and copper, thereby assuring complete sidewall wetting.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 is effective at removing non-water soluble contaminates from the surface of tin-lead and copper improving fusing performance.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 is completely water-soluble assuring trouble free rinsing when employed with the appropriate fusing fluid.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 will not evaporate from the board, assuring excellent fusing and leveling with manual processes.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HOF-5 exhibiter a ZERO TDS (total dissolved solids) value and will not contribute to ionic contamination.