ENVIRO/Flow HO-50NF | Seacole


ENVIRO/Flow HO-50NF (HO-50NF) is an economical, low foaming, water-soluble, non-petroleum based, heat transfer fluid for use in immersion fusing of tin-lead plated printed wiring boards. It exhibits high temperature stability, and thermal conductivity, and excellent water solubility for improved rinsing. HO-50NF will produce a uniform and highly solderable finish on single-sided, double-sided, and plated through hole printed wiring boards.


Performance Features

  • ENVIRO/Flow HO-50NF exhibits excellent thermal stability and conductivity for consistent performance and improved operating life.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HO-50NF exhibits good rinseability, even at ambient rinse water temperatures, initially, and as the product ages.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HO-50NF is recyclable, and when spent can be reused as a secondary fuel eliminating in-house waste treatment or expensive off-site hazardous waste land filling.