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GOLD/Strip Au-1

GOLD/Strip Au-1 is a liquid concentrate that, when mixed with sodium or potassium cyanide, will efficiently strip electroless or electrolytic gold from nickel, steel, ceramic, Teflon, copper, and copper alloys (brass) with minimal or no attack on the substrate. GOLD/Strip Au-1 employs a weak organic oxidizer, which in slightly alkaline media (pH 8-10) will selectively strip and complex gold as a cyanide ligand. Once the stripping solution is saturated, gold can be recovered by treatment with sodium chlorite (cyanide destruction by oxidation) or removed by electrowinning.
Caution!! Solutions of cyanide are extremely hazardous. Cyanide can be liberated as extremely lethal hydrogen cyanide gas when acidified.

Performance Features

  • GOLD/Strip Au-1 selectively strips gold with minimal attack on most underlying substrates.
  • Gold in saturated solutions can be efficiently recovered.
  • GOLD/Strip Au-1 can be heated to increase stripping speed.


GOLD/Strip Au-1