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Hubbard Hall Mi-Phos M-5

Mi-Phos M-5 is a manganese phosphate for steel. Mi-Phos M-5 is formulated to produce a non-metallic, oil adsorptive iron manganese phosphate coating on steel and iron surfaces. The coating is designed to reduce wear on moving surfaces such as pistons, rings, camshafts, tappets and similar bearing surfaces. When used properly, Mi-Phos M-5 meets the requirements for DOD-P-16232. Mi-Phos M-5 prevents “scuffing” and/or “galling” on moving parts, particularly during a break-in period, increases lubrication of treated surfaces, can be used as a corrosion-resistant finish, and levels machine surfaces from scratches from machining.


Product Features

  • Easy additions with Liquid Concentrate
  • Temperature 205 to 210 F (96 – 99C)
  • Military Spec : MIL DTL 16232G
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Excellent for paint adhesion
  • Anti-gall; Break-In


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