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Hubbard Hall Mi-Phos Z-4000

Mi-Phos Z-4000 is a heavy immersion zinc phosphate formulated to exceed the requirements of GM 4435M, Ford S-2 and Chrysler PS-18 specifications. The Mi-Phos Z-4000 provides excellent corrosion protection on ferrous metal parts by depositing in excess of 2000 milligrams per square foot of crystalline zinc phosphate. When used with Metal Guard 320 or a Metal Guard 560, Mi-Phos Z-4000 can surpass 168 hours of ASTM B-117 salt spray protection.


Product Features

  • Nickel-Free Heavy-Zinc Phosphate for Immersion coatings
  • Concentration of 3-4% by volume
  • Optimum temperature between 160-175 degrees F

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